Privacy Policy

Wixstat is an online platform that offers beneficial tools for the analysis of websites. All of our services are offered for free for any visitor who visits our pages. We would like to note that all of our services are offered publicly available for anyone who visits any of our pages. Below, you are going to find detailed information regarding our privacy policy. Any visitor who visits our pages and continues to use our services will be deemed to accept this privacy policy.

Website Visitors

As in all websites, Wixstat collects information about the visitors whenever they access our pages. This collected information does not cover any personal information and they are used for website analysis and to improve the services.

Gathering Personal Information

The amount of the personal information we collect is limited to the interaction of the visitors and none of them is shared with any unauthorized third-parties.


Wixstat offers third-party ads by benefiting from the Google ads network. All these ads are provided by Google and they are customized according to your internet behavior. Wixstat cannot intervene in the ads provided on our website.


Cookies are small text files that are stored in your devices and they let your device to be identified by the visitors you often visit. Wixstat collects cookies information whenever a visitor visits our pages. All this information includes technical information regarding your browser and device. Visitors can turn off this feature from their browser settings. You can visit your browser page to learn more about how to turn off this feature on your browser.

Privacy Policy Changes

Although we do not make changes in our privacy policy too often, we may need to make changes from time to time depending on the new regulations. In such cases, all changes that will be done on this agreement will be in effect as soon as we update this agreement and no prior information will be given for these changes.