Keyword Analysis
It groups the keywords you use on your website. It also shows you how many times they are used and what are their rates by analyzing the grouped keywords.
Meta Tag Analysis
It shows the lists of content that must be used in all websites and descriptive and guiding for search engines.
PageSpeed Score
It checks the speed of your website. It shows your overall speed when compared to the other websites after the check.
Web Server Information
Today, websites in the world are running on different web servers that use different software. You can check your current web server.
Heading Analysis
It lists the H (Headings) tags which are paid attention by search engines. You can review the usage intensities of these tags.
Response Headers
These are reactions that search engines pay attention to but you cannot see since they run in the background.
You can learn information such as who owns the domain or when it is purchased. You can also check the availability of the domain.
Html Tag Analysis
It analyzes the HTML codes used on the page. It shows the usage intensity in lists.
Link Analysis
It reviews the links you used on your page in detail. It shows them in the form of lists.
CSS File Analysis
These are files that shape your web pages and let them look more organized. You can review the lists of these files and compress them.

Analyzed Websites